Students in Trondheim (Norway) are well known for engaging in lots of volounteer work as well as studying. Even though many have lots to do, there are still some that don't use a planner. And many of those that actually use one, feel like they have too many weird functions and gizmos making the apps cluttered and confusing.
This is a calendar app for students aiming to increase the user experience through less generic functions and more tailored ones. We found that students in Trondheim, while busy, only have three to four main activities they organize. Many felt like there were too many screens and menus just to make one event. Our solution gives the opportunity to click on the time of day in the calendar where the event is taking place, and choose from your most used categories. This makes creating a new event both seamless and fast, giving you the ability to live your life and not wasting too much time planning it.
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